The ‘make it big’ bug…

Was on the way to office when I had this fleeting thought – If I could do something and change the way my life is now. What is it that I can do to have a career and spare a lot of time with my kid? At the current pace I will take few more years to climb the corporate ladder and i don’t have that much time as I don’t want to miss out the crucial years in my daughter’s life. I need to be with her and groom her. Feels like I need to spend more time with family and myself on the whole.

Yet the taste of corporate success is too addictive to refrain. I need attention, fame, money and work pressure. There is often a deep pain that surges in my thoughts. I want to make it big, it is like a craving that never ends. Even if I drown it in the ocean of daily chores it never fails to show up and remind me of its presence. The minute I think of it, the immediate thought is to start a freelance job or work on a hobby that I like and soon turn it into a profession.

I love to read and to write but i was not sure if that can help me build a career out of it. The very fact that I could not estimate a time period within which I will make that a choice of stable career was haunting. So I decided to keep the job i have at hand and continue to be bitten by the ‘Make it big’ bug once in a while. woman-sitting-alone